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Hindu YUVA Merch

Saraswati Devi Plush personalized Hindu YUVA logo

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Description from Modi Toys

There is no greater power than knowledge, making Saraswati Devi, the Hindu goddess of knowledge, music and the arts, a mighty force. Whether you're bringing her home to spark the academic, musician or artist inside of you, Saraswati Devi is sure to speak -- or should we say, sing -- to you.  

Just like our other collections, Saraswati Devi is available in two sizes, medium (11 inches) and small (7 inches). But as a speacial treat, only the medium sized plush plays BOTH mantras and instrumental veena music. The small sized plush will only play mantras.  (Pictured here is the medium sized plush).

Battery operated and included. The batteries are replaceable.

Mantras (see the full lyrics):

Gayatri mantra
Sarasvatyei Vidmah
Saraswati Mahabage
Saraswati Namastho
Shreem Reem